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Cyber security is about so much more than buying software. Technology is only as good as the practice policy and process which are a direct result of the security strategy. People, technology and policy only help to enforce it.

Wherever you are in the journey of cyber maturity we will work with you in collaboration to help you achieve your goal.

What’s the typical «day in the life» of a Security leader?

Don’t worry, we struggled too.

What we do know is, it’s a constant juggling act.

One minute you are expected to be a strategic thinker, contributing to the business’s long-term future. Next, you are dealing with a ransomware attack. Sandwiched between questions from IT on costs and being chased on the latest maturity assessment.

All this, in a seemingly never-ending repeating cycle, when all you want is to take control of all the moving parts.

That’s where we come in. Typically our approach consists of the following;

  • Ground Zero / Starting point – Where are you today? Are there any immediate fires to put out?
  • Goals – Where do you need to be?
  • Planning – How will we get there? What resources do we have?
  • Results – What does success look like and how do we quantify it?

Whether it’s one solution or a blend of several we will work with you using our 40+ years of experience within Cyber Security to help you to stay ahead of the ever changing threat landscape.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to assessing security maturity, we believe in giving you all the options to take the right approach for your company. We have clients in EMEA, USA and APAC ranging from SME to Enterprise organisations.

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