There are many frameworks for cyber security management, which focus on the definition and build of security controls. But there is little practical guidance as to how boards should define their cyber security governance.

Cyber security governance provides a strategic view of how an organisation controls its security, including defining its risk appetite, building accountability frameworks, and establishing who is responsible for making decisions. Effective governance will also ensure that cyber security activities help to support the organisation’s strategic goals.

With cybersecurity now a core part of building and defending organisational value, companies need to align strategy, assets and resourcing to business objectives. In today’s fast-transforming digital environment, this is across an increasing network of corporate silos.

This means understanding the security maturity level of every human, procedural and technology asset, mapped against target operating models.

Currently, costly manual audits take place, leading to reactive strategies, inaccurate budgeting and poor culture. Ultimately, errors are compounded, risk increases and teams burn out.

Our experienced governance experts can work with you at a strategic level to help your organisation build and achieve realistic goals.